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When choosing the right purifier for your home consider room size and filter type to get the most out of your investment
P400 Info

The P400

The P400 Air Purifier gives you highly efficient air purification at home. Insert the filter that meets your needs: ALLERGY (standard equipment), BABY or SMOG. Whether at home or at the office: From a product family with an award-winning design language, the P400 will blend in effortlessly with your everyday surroundings – its quiet operation will never distract you. Enjoy fresh mountain air in every room.

Product details

Individual filter solution for every room and every need
Ideal for all smaller rooms: nursery or baby's room, bedroom, home office of 3m2 or less
Efficient cleaning output at cadr 230m3/h
5 fan level
Whisper-quiet operation at lowest output setting
Low power consumption at 27w
Fast, easy and intuitive operation
Digital display with simple functions
Reminder for filter change
Graceful, thin design and small footprint 420 x 224 x 562
Container for the use of fragrances
High-quality components with a long service life
The P400 comes standard with the ALLERGY filter

P400 Info

The P500

The Air Purifier P500 is a true treasure. Not only does it provide a feast for the eyes at home or work, it also purifies air efficiently in accordance with your preferences. Three specialized, multi-stage filters act as active protective shields and trap the smallest particles in the air. The P500 comes with filters that can be used individually to meet your specific needs: «ALLERGY» filter for people with allergies, «BABY» filter for families with children and «SMOG» filter for city residents and smokers. The P500 comes standard with the ALLERGY filter. The BABY and SMOG filters are available from the online shop

Product details

Ideal for families with children, people with allergies, city dwellers and smokers suitable for rooms up to 28m2
Special filter package according to personal preference: ALLERGY/BABY/SMOG
High cleaning output: airflow up to 258 m³ per hour in CADR
Clear indication of the air quality in the living room
Easy operation with the remote control
Automatic operation function (AUTO MODE)
Energy-saving function (SLEEP MODE)
Extra-fast air purification (POWER MODE)
Reminder for filter change
Timer for setting operating times according to your preferences
small footprint 450 x 224 x 642
Whisper-quiet in operation
low power consumption at 30w
Container for the use of fragrances
High-quality components with long service life
The P500 comes standard with the ALLERGY filter

P500 Info

The H680

The H680 is an absolute all-rounder: Whether it is used as a Humidifier, Air Purifier or a combination of both – it satisfies all your needs. Its performance is one-of-a-kind in its appliance class. With an air-cleaning output of up to 190 m3/h (112 CFM) and a humidity output of up to 1000 g/h (6.34 gal/day), it humidifies and cleans the room air in large offices, city apartments, lofts or medical offices of up to 100 m2 (1076 sq. ft). The innovative filter and humidification system provides air quality comparable to the clean air found in unspoiled nature.

Product details

2-in-1 hybrid device: Choice of operation as a Humidifier and/or Purifier
High humidity output up to 1000 g/h, 6.34 gal/day for room sizes up to 100 m2,
1080 sq ft thanks to the latest evaporator technology
Excellent air purification performance thanks to the additional HYBRID filter (HEPA and active carbon filter)
Very energy-efficient with only 30W at full power
Self-explanatory LED display (digital touch panel)
Remote control for all functions
Particle counter and hygro sensor
AUTO MODE for fully automated operation
SLEEP MODE for low-noise nighttime mode
BABY MODE perfect for use in a nursery or baby's room
CLEANING MODE for easy cleaning
Multifunction display with practical reminders (refill water, cleaning required, replace filter or Ionic Silver Stick®)
Timer function
Container for the use of fragrances
High-quality components with long service life
The recommended accessories are included free with the delivery

H680 Info

The W490

Modern touch panel and extended functions characterize the classic designed Air Washer. The special CLEANING MODE lets the humidifier discs and the water base be cleaned easily and comfortably. In the decalcification phase, only the humidifier discs rotate and the fan remains shut off, so that no humidification takes place. The convenient reminder function indicates when the device needs maintenance, be that due to low water level, need for cleaning or Ionic Silver Stick® replacement. For an optimal air climate, the air humidity can be controlled at «the touch of a button» thanks to the integrated hygrostat. Due to the two power levels «day mode» and «night mode» as well as the dimmer function of the display, the Air Washer is perfectly suitable for the bedroom.

Product details

Digital display with touch panel
Hygrostat to set humidity levels from 30% to 70% or for continuous use
No chemical additives necessary, cleans the air naturally like rain
Automatic shut-off in case of empty water tank
Two operation modes for day- and night-time operation, which enable maximum output or quiet night-time operation
Auto-dim-function for night-use
Quick display if current humidity level at the touch of a button, even when the unit is switched off
The cleaning mode guarantees convenient decalcification of the Air Washer
Maintenance reminders (Ionic Silver Stick® exchange, cleaning, refill water indication)
Removable and transparent water tank with handle
High-quality components with long service life
The recommended accessories are included free with the delivery

W490 Info

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